Bushnell Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder Review

By Todd Kolb
June 28, 2018

Bushnell Hybrid Review:  Bushnell Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder

If you’ve been playing close attention, you may have noticed that your favorite golfers always reach for a Bushnell Laser Rangefinder when they’re playing a major tour. In fact, around 97% of the best players in the world use Bushnell. You may even have one yourself.

So, it makes sense that there’s a lot of interest in the new Bushnell Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder.

This new device combines the classic JOLT technology of the laser rangefinder with the extensive insight of a GPS. The result is a two-in-one golf aid that helps you fully strategize each shot so you can get onto the green and avoid the hazards.

But how does it work? And does the Bushnell Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder live up to the same standards of the traditional laser rangefinder?

I took the new hybrid out for a test drive so I could answer those questions for you. Here is what I learned.

What is the Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder?

Just like the classic laser rangefinder, this hybrid device uses PinSeeker with JOLT technology. When the laser finds the pin, you feel the “JOLT”—a short vibration. This is how you know with absolute certainty the laser is focused on the pin and you are getting accurate yardage.

However, the Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder gives you more than the distance to the pin. You also get yardages for the front, back, and center of the green. If you’ve ever misjudged the depth of the green and over-shot into the bunker on the other side, you know how valuable this information can be. Moreover, the Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder can provide these yardages for you on almost any golf course you might set foot on. The device comes pre-loaded with over 36,000 golf courses in more than 30 countries. You can play anywhere in the world, and—most likely—this GPS will have you covered.

Another feature I found particularly useful is the app. The Bushnell Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder comes with access to the Bushnell app, which provides very helpful graphics for each course. This includes hole layouts and 3-D flyover graphics, both with yardage information. The app also provides regular wireless course updates, so you can always trust that you have the most accurate data available.

Those are all the perks you can enjoy with the hybrid. But here’s the real question: Is it easy to use?

Using the Bushnell Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder

We all know that sometimes even the most helpful golf aids can end up forgotten and unused if they’re too complicated or clunky to incorporate into a typical round of golf. Fortunately, I found the hybrid easy to use and convenient to carry with me.

If you already use a laser rangefinder, there is no learning curve at all when it comes to the hybrid. You still just shoot the pin and wait for the JOLT, but now you get more information.

The unit fits easily in the palm of your hand, and I’m very happy with the weight and feel of it. You can tell the hybrid is a durable device. It even comes with a dual battery: the GPS battery and a charging port for the laser rangefinder. This dual system gives you some insurance when you’re out on the course; even if the GPS battery dies, you can still use the rangefinder.

I’m even a fan of the color scheme. It’s black with light gray and red detail—a clean and minimalistic look.

Finally, the Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder comes with the same smart carrying case as the regular laser rangefinder. It’s a durable case that easily clips onto your golf bag and can be closed either with an elastic strap or zipper. Bushnell has a great track record of catering to practicality when you’re out on the course. The carrying case design makes it easy bring your hybrid along without adding clutter to your golf bag.

The Bottom Line

With the Bushnell Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder, you get the familiar functionality of a standard rangefinder with the advanced technology of a GPS. Not only does the device provide distance to the pin; it also gives yardage for the front, back, and center of the green. It even comes with access to the Bushnell app, which includes hole layouts and 3D flyover graphics for every golf course.

The hybrid is pre-loaded with more than 36,000 golf courses in over 30 countries. The unit is compact, durable, and comes with a dual battery system and convenient carrying case.

Above all, the Bushnell Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder is every bit as accurate and reliable as Bushnell’s standard Laser Rangefinder. As far as I’m concerned, this unit is a smart addition to any golfer’s tool kit, and it’s no wonder Bushnell remains a favorite among touring professionals.

What Do You Think?

What has been your experience with Bushnell rangefinders? Have you tried the new Bushnell Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder? Do you think it holds up?

Whether you agree or disagree, we always want to hear from you. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or feel free to ask questions!

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