GX-7 Golf Club Review: Real Deal or Another Gimmick Club?

Updated 06/12/2018

The GX-7 golf club has been advertised like crazy, so let’s learn about the club.

Consistency is king on the course, especially from the tee. This is why the pros are pros, and you are an amateur. Playing with the same clubs as the professionals could be hurting your game more than it helps. Because the pros swing with such consistency, they are able to play with clubs designed for higher swing speeds and consistent club face contact.

This is exactly what the GX-7 golf club promises. More consistency.

Perhaps you’ve seen the commercial on the Golf Channel.

A shorter shaft, more weight around the edges of the club head and a little extra loft helps those double-digit handicappers get the ball in the air from the tee or “off-the-deck” and keeps the ball closer to the target line.


Not to mention, the makers of the GX-7 golf club report an extra 15-25 yards off the tee.

Where does that put you on your nemesis par-5 at the local country club? Within wedge range? Putting for birdie? Shoot, maybe even on the green in two?

Thats not all… The GX-7 golf club has a sole and center of gravity similar to a 7-iron. Combine that with a shorter shaft and one that is designed for slower swing speeds and you have a lethal combination for consistency and distance for the amateur golfer.

“New Club Delivers the Distance of a High-Performance Driver and the Accuracy of a Fairway Wood, Using Your Natural 7-Iron Swing!

Learn more about the club.

So What is the Benefit of the GX-7 Golf Club?

All of this talk of versatility and ease of use and you might assume that something like this doesn’t conform to the rules of golf. Actually, it does. And the GX-7 Golf Club could help you bring your game to the next level.

Why hasn’t something like this been designed before? We just aren’t sure. The amateur golfer has always been expected to fill the shoes of a professional golfer. That’s just not fair. Amateurs are not professionals for a reason. And for those reasons, the amateurs need clubs that are going to help their game and not hinder it.

Quit pointing fingers at your game, your swing or your body and start pointing at your clubs. Take control of your game by taking control of your bag.

When you grab the big stick out of the bag, you are not only changing clubs but changing swings. The makers of the GX-7 golf club wanted to change that by putting a club in your hand that you can swing like a 7-iron. Now you can put the same swing on those long balls and expect the same quality ball flight…but farther.

Have you played the GX-7 Golf Club? If so, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

We opened this up last week. Review is coming!