(T)Less Driver Overview: What to Expect

July 27, 2018

What is the Teeless Driver?

The Teeless Driver has been advertised a lot lately on many major golf outlets, but what is the (T)Less Driver?

If you’ve been watching the Golf Channel lately, you may have noticed ads for a new driver designed specifically for amateur golfers.

This is the (T)LESS or Teeless Driver, engineered by RXS Design with the goal of providing amateur golfers with a more forgiving clubface. The designers of the Teeless Driver argue that amateur golfers don’t really get what they need when they base their own club purchases on the preferences of the pros. Top competitors select clubs that give them more control and allow them to make unconventional choices when necessary.

The casual weekend golfer, on the other hand, tends to have a simpler, more direct goal: drive the ball farther and straighter to get those scores down.

The Teeless Driver makes a lot of promises to amateur players. RXS Design says this club:

  • Lowers your golf scores
  • Makes it impossible to chunk the ball
  • Achieves the optimal launch angle from any surface
  • Replaces both your driver and your fairway wood

So, how does the Teeless Driver fulfill all these promises? What’s different about a driver that’s specifically engineered for amateurs? And is this a product you might want in your golf bag?

We’ll go over all these answers for you, but first, let’s get familiar with the team behind the golf driver.

Who Designed the Teeless Driver?

This unconventional driver was designed by Guerin Rife and Jeff Sheets. You may not know their names, but you are familiar with their work. Both are long-time industry veterans whose influence ranges from the tournaments you’ve watched on T.V. to the equipment you keep in your golf bag.

Guerin Rife is best known for his influence on putter design. More specifically, he is the inventor of putter grooves and the cavity back mallet putter. He is also the designer of the EvnRoll putter, a putter engineered to ensure distance control even when you strike the ball off the toe or heel. You’ll see this same technology in the Teeless Driver.

Jeff Sheets is celebrated for his work with top competitors and tour champions. He has designed, fit, and assembled clubs for names such as Nick Faldo, Lee Janzen, and Chris Johnson. He’s even responsible for the first metal driver used by Arnold Palmer in a PGA tournament.

It’s safe to say that the (T)LESS Driver was created by people who know club design inside and out. They also know why the pros use the clubs they use. This means Rife and Sheets bring an interesting perspective to why the most popular clubs on the PGA tour are not necessarily the best for your just-for-fun Saturday morning round.


DSX Thinks Amateur Golfers Deserve a Different Design

Why is DSX Design so sure amateurs shouldn’t use the same clubs as the pros?

To put it in the simplest terms possible: Touring professionals use less forgiving drivers. They prefer less forgiving drivers.

A professional competitor needs to be able to play with nuance and adapt to unexpected circumstances. Sometimes they want a lower ball flight or they might need to work the ball from left to right or vice versa. If you see a pro golfer hit the ball more towards the toe or heel of the clubface, odds are, they hit off-center deliberately. They need to have that option. They need to be able to manipulate the club and, ultimately, the ball flight.

For a pro, the “right club” is a high-quality instrument they can control themselves. The sweet spot is small, the built-in loft is lower, and the center of gravity sits high and forward in the driver, toward the face.


For the weekend golfer--someone who doesn’t train professionally every day–there is less need for a club that accommodates nuanced golf shots. Not to mention, most amateur golfers do not have a flawless golf swing, nor the same ability to manipulate ball flight, anyway.  In fact, many golfers play their driver the same as their irons.  Therefore, DSX argues, amateur golfers deserve a driver that works with their needs and skill set.

Thus, the (T)LESS Driver:

The Design of the Teeless Driver

The Teeless Driver looks almost like a driver/3-wood hybrid. It features the footprint of a driver, while its clubface is closer to the height and length of a 3-wood. The shaft is also the length of a 3-wood shaft.

Beyond appearances, this club is engineered to help you drive the ball longer, higher, and straighter, no matter where you strike the clubface or what surface you’re hitting off of.

How does that work?

First, the center of gravity is set farther back, toward the rear of the clubhead. This rearward COG is what accounts for the patent-pending Spectrum CT clubface–an extremely forgiving clubface in which almost the entire width of the face is hot.

Guerin Rife explains the science behind the Spectrum CT clubface through the illustration of a V-shape. If you were to make a “V” with your index and middle fingers, the bottom of that “V” represents the center of gravity. The space between your fingers represents the sweet spot of your clubface. The farther back the center of gravity is, the broader the sweet spot.

In other words…

Even if you hit your golf ball off the toe or heel of the Teeless Driver, the ball will still fly almost as straight and as far as if you’d made contact in the center of the clubface.

Rife and Sheets also designed the Teeless Driver to achieve optimum launch. While most drivers have a loft of about 9.5 or 10.5 degrees, this one comes with a 13-degree loft. The adjusted center of gravity also helps you get that high launch angle. With the weight set low and far back in the clubhead, it’s much easier to hit the ball high, even off the ground or out of a divot.

Speaking of divots…

one of the grandest claims made about the Teeless Driver is that this club supposedly makes it impossible to chunk the ball. In fact, their marketing claims that “the more ground you hit, the longer and higher the ball will travel.” This is due in part to the Ground Control Sole, which is designed to glide easily through any turf, from grass to sand to divots.


A lot of these design details are likely new to you, but here are a couple you might recognize:

Beyond the engineering of the clubhead, the (T)LESS Driver features a Fujikura custom-style shaft, with Premium and Super Premium options. It also comes with a Lamkin cross-line grip.

If the Teeless Driver is starting to sound like it might be a meaningful addition to your bag, you probably have one very important question left. And we’ve got you covered.

What Does the (T)LESS Driver Cost?

The (T)LESS Driver is currently available through Revolution Golf at the price of:

$297 for the Premium Fujikura Shaft (compared with $349 retail)

$347 for the Super Premium Fujikura Shaft ($429 retail)

Purchase of the (T)LESS Driver includes free access to online video lessons from Notah Begay III, valued at $30. You may recognize Begay as a golf analyst for NBC Sports and the Golf Channel. He is also a 4-time winner on the PGA Tour and a 3-time All American at Stanford.

The (T)LESS Driver comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

The Big Picture

The (T)LESS Driver is a club designed by experienced industry pros who wanted to create a driver that would truly serve the amateur golfer. With a higher loft, rearward center of gravity, and forgiving clubface, this driver is engineered to help the weekend golfer drive the ball farther, higher and straighter. There is even a Ground Control Sole to ensure easy movement through any turf, even when you hit the ground early.  If you want to read more about the (T)LESS Driver, check out this article from our friends at Golfers Authority.

As a deliberately forgiving club, the goal of the (T)LESS Driver is to make longer drives possible for golfers who can’t dedicate practice time to sharpening their skills. If you’d rather earn better driving distance and consistency with an improved swing, check out this swing trainer that helps you gain yards like the pros do.

The (T)LESS Driver is priced at $297 or $347, depending on your choice of shaft. And—much like another much buzzed-about club—the (T)LESS Driver could potentially replace both your driver and your fairway wood. Purchase of the (T)LESS Driver includes video lessons from Notah Begay III and a 60-day guarantee.

That’s the (T)LESS Driver in a nutshell. The only remaining question is:

What Do You Think?

Are you curious about the (T)LESS Driver? Have you already tried it for yourself?  Can a high handicapper start hitting driver with more forgiveness just by getting this club, or does this strike you as another golf industry gimmick?

We’d love to hear what you’re thinking, what you’ve experienced, or what questions you have. Share your thoughts in the comments below, and remember to follow us on social media for more news on the latest in golf products and golf technology.

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We want to get you all the information you need to play better golf!


  1. Intersted and would like to try out this club with the premium Fujikura shaft (R)

  2. Your information on the Tless driver was great….very informative….One question : difference between the premium shaft and the super premium shaft…. i am a lady amateur golfer that struggles with my driver and really does well with my irons…..
    Thank you

  3. What flex is the shaft? Is it steel, graphite, carbon fiber ? I’m 67 and need flex. Thank you, peter

  4. I would love to try the (T)Less driver but am always skeptical of a full refund return policy. Has anyone taken that route and actually returned the driver? I have tried many clubs and practjce gadgets to try and improve my game. I would have returned many if I could. $300 is alot of money for a guy in retirement with a fixed income. I would try it if I was sure I could return it. Any thoughts?

  5. What shaft would you recomend, my swing speed ranges from 80 mph, to 90 mph.?

  6. Is the club PGA approved?

  7. Peter, you can order the shaft in 4 different flexes: senior, ladies, regular, and stiff. The shaft comes in 2 different options as well, Fujikura Premium and Super Premium. Both appear to be graphite. Hope the info helps!

  8. For the average golfer, the biggest difference is going to be cost honestly. These shafts are probably going to be tailored to fit broader audiences, and the biggest reason they offer the second option is probably more to upsell than provide extra benefit. Shaft flex and weight is a highly debated topic, where two people may agree in principle on the impact of shafts, but not on the why. What I would recommend is talking to a certified fitter and have them help you understand the dynamics of your personal swing to help point you in a direction to find the right shaft for you. Hope that helps, thanks for reading!

  9. Hi Andy, shaft selection is such a hard topic to find general consensus. Many people use the basic measurement of swing speed to dictate shaft selection, but understanding your own swing will help you decide what type of shaft to select. Swing speed is a good place to start, but knowing how you release the club, how and when the shaft is bending or flexing will also help you figure out what shaft will be best for you.

    Here is a great video from Rick Shiels blind-testing different shafts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8VbtElCnD0

  10. Hi Dennis, good question. According to the USGA and R&A list of conforming heads, the (T)Less Driver is a conforming club head. Thanks for the comment!

    Here is the complete list if you have other clubs in question:


  11. I have been trying to order the club and finally got through and was told there is a 10 week back log. Not happy really wanted one to play with next week.

  12. How does the club compare to the GX-7 x medal club? The descriptions sound almost identical. However, there is a huge price difference.

  13. I live in The Cleveland, Ohio area. Golf season will almost be over by the time this club is available. My league is over the end of September. Will you have the deal next spring? I am reluctant to order when I may not be able to use more than a couple times.

  14. This web sight reads like a sales pitch. The only real review is from real amateur golfers who try the club for several rounds of golf and then determine if the ball on average really goes any farther. I have tried many golf clubs that claim to be longer against my current club and only one of the 8 different drivers really was longer. I bought that driver and 3 years later I was right about the choice I made.

  15. Thanks for the comment Tim. We do not sell the Teeless Driver; this is just an article about the club. You will want to contact them for any purchasing inquiries.

  16. Thank you for the comment Doug, we have heard that from a few golfers. We do not actually sell the club, nor are we affiliated with the manufacturer, so you will want to contact them for any inquiries on availability. Best of luck!

  17. What are the shaft options?

  18. When do you expect drivers available again?

  19. When I first started playing golf, I purchased a set of scoring clubs from Evolution Golf w/ a 60-day money back guarantee. I tried several times to return the the clubs & eventually was informed they had filed for bankruptcy. Revolution Golf sounds too much like Evolution Golf for me to purchase their golf club w/ a 60-day money back guarantee.

  20. Thanks for the comment Tommy. We actually do not sell the Teeless driver, nor are we affiliated with the company. We have heard from other golfers that the expected wait is 8 to 10 weeks though. Hopefully that helps!

  21. Hi Tommy, you can order the shaft in 4 different flexes: senior, ladies, regular, and stiff. The shaft comes in 2 different options as well, Fujikura Premium and Super Premium. Both appear to be graphite. Hope the info helps!

  22. Dallas Golf is selling them on EBAY for immediate free shipment…at a somewhat lower price than the (t)less website. Dallas golf is a reputable dealer but not sure if they give the money back guarantee. You’d have to call and ask.

    My experience with these types of clubs and the claims is that tend to work for folks who hit their driver like their irons. You can’t use an iron swing for the driver with a conventional club. If you already hit your driver with a proper swing this club won’t give you anymore distance. It may, however, give you better results than your three wood of the turf.

  23. I purchased my (T) Less driver through Dallas Golf, the actual manufacturer, for a lot less than I could have through Revolution Golf. They are available through their Ebay connection. I received my club within a week. I am totally satisfied with it. I also am the owner of a GX-7. The (T) Less is much longer off the tee and fairway. It is also easier to hit. Off center hits don’t cause damage to your game. They go almost as far as dead center impact. I wouldn’t trade out this club for any driver on the market. I’m hanging out with the big hitters on most of my drives now. All my buddies are nonplussed when I break out the (T) and hit the ball off the fairway dead straight and long. This club is for real.

    Keith Hollis, 15 hcp and diving

  24. Bought one, played three rounds and sent it back. I had and am still using a GX7 which is essentially the same concept. T Less was not as long as GX7;even though it had a superior shaft. Both were hitable off the deck. Both clubs had regular shafts.
    (Senior golfer with 10.2 index)

  25. My daughter is going to play for TAbor University is the club USGA approved

  26. Thanks for the comment. Curious to hear which club you felt gave you more accuracy overall? We have heard lots of feedback on each club, and we always like hearing what our readers think of products as well. It definitely helps golfers like you who are looking for more information on these clubs that aren’t paid endorsements.
    Thanks again, hopefully you check us out on YouTube as well for some great golf tips!

  27. James, good question. According to the USGA and R&A list of conforming heads, the (T)Less Driver is a conforming club head. Thanks for the comment!

    Here is the complete list if you have other clubs in question:


  28. Nowhere can I find the volume of the clubhead, and emails to the manufacturer were unanswered on this question. Any idea how many ccs it is and how it compares to other minidrivers?

  29. Can anyone tell me the exact length of the club and the exact cc of the clubhead? I can’t find this information anywhere on their website or in this review. Those are always the most important specs every manufacturer reports in their advertisements (e.g., see the competing Vixa V12 ad; they give you all those specs). I don’t trust retailers who hide that important information from their audience. If you have this club, could you please tell us it’s exact length and head size? I’d call RXS and ask, but I don’t want to have to listen to their sales pitch. If anyone out there can help with this info, I thank you!

  30. This club is the real deal. It is NOT a standard 3 wood. I can hit this club almost as long off the ground as I do the tee. The difference in distance from my driver is negligible, so I am considering dropping my driver. I have so much confidence hitting off the turf now. I believe the difference is this club performs best with a descending strike, rather than an upward one. I have never hit a bad shot with the Teeless.

  31. A circular crack has appeared in the crown despite only playing 15 to 20 rounds since purchased in November.Anyone else had the same problem

  32. BUYER BEWARE: Revolution Golf and the (T)less driver are junk! DO NOT buy the RXS Teeless driver!! This is a poorly made product and a gimmick. I purchased the RXS Teeless driver directly from Revolution Golf (RG) in January 2019, but unable to test until Feb/Mar due to NE winter temps. Over 2-months I hit approximately 75 golf balls with RXS Teeless driver. In mid-march after playing my 1st 9-hole outing, noticed the top (black carbon fiber) near the toe CRACKED the entire length of the toe. I called RG and was outside of the return policy and out $247.00. During my recent call to RG customer service, a rep admitted numerous unhappy customers and numerous complaints. Neither Revolution Golf nor the manufacturer were standing by their product and either refunding or offering an exchange. Pay a little more from known companies like PING or Taylormade. Don’t buy this driver.

  33. Do not buy the RXS Teeless driver!! This is a poorly made product. I purchased one directly from RevolutionGolf (RG) in Nov 2018. Over the next 6-months I played 20 rounds with my new Teeless driver. Yesterday I used it for the firs three holes and the top cracked!! I wrote RG and they said it was outside of the return policy and therefore they would do nothing for me (no return nor exchange). RevolutionGolf would not stand behind their advertised product. According to their own Customer Service department, they have had numerous complaints about faulty Teeless drivers and numerous unhappy customers, yet they keep selling this junk driver.

  34. I have the same situation as Dale! Do not buy the RXS Teeless driver!! This is a poorly made product. I purchased one directly from RevolutionGolf (RG) in Jan 2019. Over the past 3 months I played 10 rounds with my new Teeless driver. It worked great and then the top cracked!! I wrote RG and they said it was outside of the return policy and therefore they would do nothing for me (no return nor exchange). I am still battling with them on this! If they dont resolve this I highly recommend you do not buy this club!

  35. Thanks for the comment Tim! It’s nice to have our readers provide their experiences with others to help them make an educated decision when purchasing any product.

  36. I brought a T Less Driver and have played with it for about 25 to 30 rounds and it worked quite well, but now it has a crack on the top of the head about 1/2 inch from the face of the club, and is getting about 3 inch long. I’am 75 years old so I know it is not from swinging to hard and fast. Was wondering if the club can be repaired or what. Club is maybe one year old.

  37. Is it a factory defect or what because my club has a crack on top of the head like many others who bought the club

  38. Hi Gary, thanks for reading the article.

    We are actually not affiliated with the Teeless Driver, so cannot speak to the condition in which the club arrived. I would definitely suggest contacting their support team to make sure they resolve the issue and send you a club that is in better condition though.

    How do you generally describe your typical driver shot?

  39. I keep reading about cracks in the clubhead. Has anyone determined whether this is a manufacturing and/or design flaw? If so, has anyone determined whether the flaw has been addressed and resolved? I’m thinking about purchasing the Teeless but won’t if there are still problems

  40. I have one with a regular shaft and was very excited to get it, but I soon discovered I hit my 3 wood 190 and my driver 200 off the deck better then the Teeless Driver, which feels like an anchor in my hands. I should have gotten the Senior shaft! Now I am stuck with it sitting in the garage. If I only knew what shaft to change it out with, I could give it another try. Question what is a good Senior shaft should I use to change out the regular shaft

  41. Michael,

    Our suggestion would be to take it to a local club fitter. They should be able to switch it out for you. Hope that helps.

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