Choose the Best Golf Clubs: Vixa V12 Review

February 18, 2019

New Product: Would You Ditch Your Driver for the Vixa V12?

Is there anything more satisfying than hitting a long, solid shot with your driver?

The creators of the new Vixa V12 would say there is.

The Vixa V12 is a low-profile fairway metal designed to hit great shots off the tee and on the fairway. This new golf club seeks to replace two of your clubs: your driver and your 3-wood. This, of course, would mean the Vixa V12 has to launch effectively from both the tee and the turf. According to its engineers, this fairway metal can do exactly that, specifically because it corrects the design shortcomings of the standard driver.

Moreover, the Vixa V12 claims to help amateur golfers make longer, straighter golf shots, launch more easily off the turf, and get more accuracy off the tee. 

Sounds like another club that recently took the golf market by storm. 

Or another fairway metal that has had continued success the past 2 seasons.

But do these claims hold up? What makes the Vixa V12 supposedly so effective? And why mess with time-tested driver design?

Vixa V12 Versus Your Driver

First, it should be noted that when the makers of the V12 talk about the failings of driver design, they’re referring to the ways in which drivers fail to serve amateur golfers.  That is to say, they point to the design “flaws” that allow limited room for human error.   

And they’re not wrong. There are plenty of ways to screw up a shot with your driver. The long shafts of most drivers compromise the amateur golfer’s control over their swing. The low loft and large clubhead require a perfectly-executed angle of attack, catching the ball on the upswing.   

In fact, it’s the angle of attack that the minds behind the V12 seem particularly interested in. They make the interesting point that your driver is the only club you learn to hit on an upswing. When you swing your driver, you have to adjust the very shape and timing of your swing.    

Why does this matter? It’s a matter of consistency and practice, really. During a round of golf, you spend most of your time hitting the ball on a descending blow. The Vixa V12 is designed to help you maintain that rhythm, even at the tee.

The clubface of the V12 is about 1 inch shorter than that of the standard driver. This alone makes it easier to catch the golf ball at a downward angle. Moreover, the clubhead features a super low center of gravity and a loft of 14.5 degrees, both of which promote a higher launch from a low tee or even from the turf. These high-launch elements are also where the Vixa V12 excels over typical fairway woods.

Now that you have a clearer picture of the philosophy behind the Vixa V12, let’s dig into design.

The Design of the Vixa V12

The team that engineered the V12 golf club was headed by Golf Digest “Hot List” medal winner Josh Boggs. If you follow our product profiles regularly, you may recognize him as the mind behind the Square Strike Wedge and the Moon Wood 8.

As we know, the objective behind the Vixa V12 was to hit the sweet spot between driver and 3-wood. The design team wanted something that offered more control than a driver, more launch than a 3-wood, and more consistency all around.

A lot of these solutions can be found in the dimensions:

  • The V12 measures 43.5 inches in length. That’s a little longer than the average 3-wood but 2 inches shorter than the standard driver. This abbreviated length gives amateur golfers a greater sense of control in their swing.
  • At 145 cubic centimeters, the V12 clubhead is less than a third of the size of a standard driver and 25% smaller than a typical fairway wood.
  • The 14.5-degree loft is 4 degrees higher than most drivers and similar to most 3-woods.

Vixa V12 Specs

The Vixa V12 also features:

  • A Graphite Shaft with a mid-kickpoint. The shaft is available in five options, with flex, weight, and torque based on your specific swing speed.
  • A FitSlip Sole designed to eliminate digging and bouncing through the turf. This sole also features small vents to minimize drag and friction, ultimately boosting swing speed.
  • A Heat-Treated Inox Steel Clubface. The stainless steel face is more flexible than titanium and more forgiving on those strikes hit off-center. This clubface is also at least 1 inch shorter than the average driver clubface at only 1.4 inches. This puts the center of the face below the ball’s equator, even when the ball lies directly on the turf. With a lower center, the V12’s clubface has an easier time catching the ball high on the face to make the most of the 14.5-degree loft.
  • A low, forward Center of Gravity. Because of the clubhead’s low profile, the Vixa V12 features a naturally low center of gravity. That low COG helps accomplish a higher launch. The COG also sits more forward in the clubhead, decreasing ball spin off the tee for a greater carry distance.

The only remaining question is: What is the Vixa V12 worth to you?

The Value of the Vixa V12

Let’s recap.

The Vixa V12 is a new fairway wood engineered to help amateur golfers make longer, more accurate shots off the tee and on the fairway. The club is designed with a lower profile, shorter shaft, higher loft, and lower center of gravity than a standard driver. All these features offer some forgiveness for casual golfers, from easier club control to better launch.

If this sounds like a product that might help you enjoy the game a bit more, it’s worth noting that the Vixa V12 comes with a 60-Day Guarantee. That guarantee promises a refund, minus shipping costs.

The V12 is currently available at the introductory price of $179.

What Do You Think?

Does the Vixa V12 interest you? Have you tried it already? Is there a different product you want to know more about?

Here’s another Vixa V12 review from our friends at Golfers Authority if you want to read more about the club!

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  1. I got hold of the Vixa V 12 recently. After using it for x 2 weeks, i came to the conclusion that this club is a very average fairway wood. Considering the cost to get it to South Africa ($179 plus $85 ) = $ 264.00 the price is rediculous for this club. In S A rand value this means R 3748,80 . Image paying $ 3748,80 for this club. At this stage there is no way I will recommend any of my golfing partners to get hold of this club. I spend a lot of time reading on you advertisements of the Vixa V12. I should have stayed with my trusted clubs. old clubs.


    W B Stephan

  2. I bought the visa v12 and have tried to use it to no avail. I cannot get it airborne at all from the fairway. I am 80 years old and can get almost 200 yards with it but just along the ground. Would love any help.

  3. Save your money, yes straighter off the face but about as long as my 4 iron, 200 yards. Definitely no where near my 3 wood, 250 yards or my driver, 270+. You get what you pay for. 9 handicap player, 62 years old.

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