GX-7 Golf Club Review: [+VIDEO REVIEW]

By Troy Klongerbo
February 1, 2017

GX-7 Golf Club Review: Real Deal or Another Gimmick Club?

Updated 06/12/2018

The GX-7 golf club has been advertised like crazy, so let’s learn about the club.

Consistency is king on the course, especially from the tee. This is why the pros are pros, and you are an amateur. Playing with the same clubs as the professionals could be hurting your game more than it helps. Because the pros swing with such consistency, they are able to play with clubs designed for higher swing speeds and consistent club face contact.

This is exactly what the GX-7 golf club promises. More consistency.

Perhaps you’ve seen the commercial on the Golf Channel. Maybe you’ve checked out their website.

A shorter shaft, more weight around the edges of the club head and a little extra loft helps those double-digit handicappers get the ball in the air from the tee or “off-the-deck” and keeps the ball closer to the target line.


Not to mention, the makers of the GX-7 golf club report an extra 15-25 yards off the tee.

Where does that put you on your nemesis par-5 at the local country club? Within wedge range? Putting for birdie? Shoot, maybe even on the green in two?

Thats not all… The GX-7 driver has a sole and center of gravity similar to a 7-iron. Combine that with a shorter shaft and one that is designed for slower swing speeds and you have a lethal combination for consistency and distance for the amateur golfer.

“New Club Delivers the Distance of a High-Performance Driver and the Accuracy of a Fairway Wood, Using Your Natural 7-Iron Swing!

Learn more about the club.

So What is the Benefit of the GX-7 Golf Club?

All of this talk of versatility and ease of use and you might assume that something like this doesn’t conform to the rules of golf. Actually, it does. And the GX-7 Golf Club could help you bring your game to the next level.

Why hasn’t something like this been designed before? We just aren’t sure. The amateur golfer has always been expected to fill the shoes of a professional golfer. That’s just not fair. Amateurs are not professionals for a reason. And for those reasons, the amateurs need clubs that are going to help their game and not hinder it.

Quit pointing fingers at your game, your swing or your body and start pointing at your clubs. Take control of your game by taking control of your bag.

When you grab the big stick out of the bag, you are not only changing clubs but changing swings. The makers of the GX-7 golf club wanted to change that by putting a club in your hand that you can swing like a 7-iron. Now you can put the same swing on those long balls and expect the same quality ball flight…but farther.

Have you played the GX-7 Golf Club? If so, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

We opened this up last week. Review is coming!


  1. Total success from tee and fairway. Not as long as my G30 driver but does it’s job. Im back in the 2 shot game on par 5s. Not bad for an old guy. Thank you Paulsens. It works! Delighted.

  2. How far can you drive use GX-7? Thanks…

  3. I hope i can buy a driver and 3wood these for our 2017 fagoc friendly tournament season. According to advirtize it can help my driving power to this gx7 golf driver and 3wood. Thanks to this advertize items.

  4. Got mine last week, initial disappointment turned into joy as I learned how high to tee and where in my stance to play.
    hit much better than any driver or mini I have tried, and I have Tried MOST of them
    at 61, and a 12 Handicap, I need to get 200-225 off tee, in fairway and all is well.
    Price is right as well.
    I hoping my long search for “a Driving Club” is over.

  5. Interesting, great to hear Billybes. Good luck with the club going forward…keep it in the fairway.

  6. Used it for the first time today. Most shots in the fairway however I did not get the distance I normally do. Some of this I attribute to playing in the North in February so no roll. I’m not sure how high to tee the ball.Anyone with recommendations?

  7. Jamie, we have not hit it, but a great rule of thumb is to tee the ball with 1/2 to 1/4 of the ball above the crown of the club. Good luck!

  8. Hi guys. Thinking of buying the GX 7 metal? Good driver or just a gimmick. Would appreciate more reviews

  9. Got mine last week. Took it to the driving range yesterday with my current driver, a Wilson Big Red to compare. The GX7 seemed to go straighter and higher on most shots compared to my driver. I was really pleased with the forgiveness off the turf with no tee. It seemed to be pretty easy to hit and quite straight. I am off 18 so am inclined to spray them a bit normally. This club seemed to make it easier to hit straight. Can’t wait to try it out on the course next week.

  10. Paul, this is a great comment. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Thinking of buying this new GX7 but I do not like the sound coming off the club. Sounds like hitting a pop can? also what brand of shaft is it. thanks Leo

  12. Will it be available in golf stores? Reputation for online order not very good.

  13. To our knowledge, George, it is for online sale only.

  14. Leo, stay tuned as we are hoping to dive deeper into this product in the coming weeks. We don’t know why it sounds the way it does.

  15. Where can I get one ???

  16. Where do you buy one ? How much ?

  17. Ed, you’ll want to visit their website (GX7Golf.com) or call their number.

  18. I am from Malaysia and I would like to place and order for this golf club GX7. How do I go about it. How much does it cost including freight charges.

  19. Good questions, and questions better served for their team. Contact them here: GX7Golf.com

  20. I purchased mine on Tuesday of this week and it will be delivered on Saturday. So that is pretty good. Can’t wait to try it.

  21. I hit mine for the first time yesterday (3.16.17), thought the stock grip that came with it was a little “small”, not sure if this is part of the setup for performance (re-gripped it with a standard Golf Pride Tour Velvet)…feels much better! I like the driver, it has a smaller club head than today’s 460CC driver which at first is odd to look at, but once you hit the club, it’s SOLID! I like the shorter shaft (about a standard 3 wood length) which allows me to swing at it with my old swing key “7 to 1” clock swing without snap hooking it…which I like and selected a “stiff” flex shaft because even though I am over 50, I can still get my swing speed above 100mph…so this club just is not for the 85mph swinger…select shaft accordingly.

    Nothing miraculous, just a nice club. This is going to stay in my bag for awhile.

  22. Thank you for the comment, Mark!

  23. Great Paul, be sure to keep us posted on your thoughts.

  24. Ordered mine last week and they said it would ship the week of March 20th. I received an e-mail today and said it was back ordered. Was hoping to take it on a golf trip in early April.
    Should I cancel the order or is it worth the wait?

  25. I can’t verify at this point whether or not it’s worth the wait, but we had to wait a while too and the wait wasn’t too long. We waited roughly 1 week.

    Thanks Kevin and have fun on your trip!

  26. where in my stance should I place the ball?

  27. Alan, great question. I would suggest having it close to where you’d play your driver in your stance. Here’s a great article on ball position to help you out: https://usgolftv.com/golf-instruction-2/ball-position-at-address/

  28. I purchased the Gx7 driver on 3/14/17 from their website, I received an email three days later telling me that it was on back-order and that it should be in by the end of the following week. I was concerned about some of the reviews that I read after making the purchase and I did not want to wait two weeks for the club. I decided to cancel the order until the jury is out on this driver. I was refunded my money the following day.

  29. Bob, it’s good to know you’ve been refunded. We have a review going live at the end of this coming week, be sure to stay tuned.

  30. Is this club for women. I see no testimonies.

  31. Diane, there are no testimonials for women, you’re correct. But if you get a shaft that fits you, you’ll probably be able to use this club just fine!

    They don’t have multiple options specifically built for women though, that I’ve seen.

  32. I took up golf seriously 4 years ago. I’m now 65 yrs old and played baseball and softball most of my life. I had a heckuva time controlling my drives from slicing. I took lessons, changed my stance, watched online videos, watched videos of myself, etc. trying to cure my slice.
    I’ve always been an early adopter so I ordered the club and got it right away and with ho hassles. I took it to the range twice to get the feel of it and then played my first round with it last week. 75% of my drives were in the fairway and the few that were off the fairway, were in the first cut. They may have been slightly shorter (10-20 yards) but who cares when you’re in the fairway? The game is so much easier.
    My golfing buddy, who had never touched the club, drove the ball within 20 yards of the drive he hit with his driver.
    You’ve got to decide if this works for you or not. If you’ve got a slice, this may be the game changer that makes golf more enjoyable. But like cigars, not everyone likes the same thing. And golf and cigars are best shared with friends.

  33. Why not just grip down on a conventional driver if shaft length is a problem for you?

  34. Joe, great comment. We love the analogy between golf and cigars!

    It’s great that the GX-7 suited your needs. We have an all inclusive review coming out on the club later this week.

    Thanks for commenting!

  35. There is more to this club than just the shaft length. But we are going to dive deeper dive via review later this week. We’ll be posting on YouTube! Stay tuned.

  36. Because I thought the idea of a club tailored to amateurs made sense, I ordered a senior shaft GX-7 for my wife. She is a high handicap player, but is tall enough to use men’s length clubs. Once she got the tee height correct, she has gained15-20 yards while hitting nearly every fairway. Hitting off the fairway is still a work in progress as she is having difficulty getting the ball airborne. Based on her results, I ordered a regular shaft club. By way of background, I’m a 77 year old 10 handicap with around a100 swing speed. Initially, I didn’t have the instant success shown in the infomercial. However, with some work on the driving range, I found the best ball position and tee height. I now hit the GX-7 further than my SLDR driver, but more importantly, I seldom miss a fairway. I get 3-wood distance off the fairway, but with fade, bordering on a slice…something I don’t do with other fairway clubs. Will work on it a bit more.

  37. RobertB, that’s great! Always good to hear when golfers improve. Thank you for leaving a comment! Did you watch our video? Golf Equipment: GX-7 Metal Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-q5LGs84500&t=1s

    Do you still struggle with a slice? If so, consider Tour Draw: http://yourtourdraw.com/your-tour-draw-video

  38. Tony so what is the verdict on the GX7 is it with the money or not, and more importantly is this club for real?

  39. Al, thanks for the comment (P.S. It’s Troy*)

    It’s tough to say whether or not the club is worth the money. It’s definitely not for everyone. But for higher handicaps, many of the thoughts behind the club have merit. I like the light-weight shaft, the offet hosel, the 14 degrees of loft, and the speed of the face to help compensate for distance. The club is absolutely real—we tested it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-q5LGs84500&t=1s

    If you struggle with your driver, for $199, this is a pretty cost-effective option to keep the ball in the fairway more frequently.

    Ultimately on a personal note, I am always of the opinion that golfers get their equipment custom fit though.

    — Troy

  40. Bought the GX 7 with stiff shaft and, have been generally pleased. That said, the shaft is less stiff than those in my irons, S 300. I DO love the club head’s flexibility so, would like to change shaft to S 300. Any thoughts on this?

  41. Craig, good thought. Are you saying switching to a steel shaft S300? That will be a heavier shaft, designed for lower ball flights. I would try to find something that’s maybe perhaps a bit stiffer in graphite.

  42. Question, I’m a draw hitter, I’m concerned that this
    club had an off set club head to help with slice hitters

    Is the head standard meaning not set for draw?

  43. G Lee, the club does have a slight offset, however it isn’t terribly significant.

  44. Thank you, that was my only concern, I draw the ball enough as it is, I didn’t want anything that would cause more draw

  45. My nephew bought me the club while I was in North Carolina I have played about three rounds with it since I got home in New York. Not very consistent when I do hit it right it goes straight but I can’t seem to hit it off the ground. The ball gets about five feet off the ground can’t seem to get any height.

  46. My nephew bought me this club when I was down in North Carolina. Got back to Syracuse about a week and a half ago and I have played 3 Rounds with this club. Can’t seem to get the ball off the ground. When I do it only gets about five feet off the ground and then runs down the Fairway not very long. I can’t seem to hit it like they do in the videos and I have no idea why.

  47. I purchased the GX-7 but was skeptical as the adds look like a sales pitch that you would see for products that we know are too good to be true. Having said that…I have to say after playing with the GX-7 I am pleasantly surprised! I have a Taylor-made M1 Driver and thought I would get the GX-7 to replace my 3 wood since I have trouble hitting that off the deck. My experience hitting this off the deck was very favorable as I was hitting 185 Yards.

    Today was a light drizzle day at my course…so not many people were out golfing. This allowed me to do a comparison of the M1 and the GX-7 as a driver. While I can hit the M1 220 to 240 yards…I have problems hitting it straight. The GX-7 was super easy to hit off the tee. I was hitting it almost dead straight every time. I did notice I was not hitting it as far as the M1…I was getting around 200 yards on average. However I was in the center of the fairway versus being in the trees. As such I actually prefer the GX-7 for most holes. My verdict is that if you are a golfer who has a hard time hitting the fairway in regulation no matter how far you can hit the ball then this club is worth it. If you can hit the higher end drivers straight then this is not your club unless you wish to use it off the deck instead a 3 wood.

  48. Don, this club does not have very much loft and the set-up will not allow for a high shot off the ground. But it will be a decent option for those who like to play that shot.

  49. Interesting. Thank you for the comment. We’ve heard many people talk about how this club helps them hit the ball straight.

  50. I just got mine. Hit it this morning. Extremely straight and consistant. I do not have the distance of my Ping G30 on those 1 out of 5 straight shots, but I will take 5 out of 5 shorter straight drives everyday of the week.

  51. Received the club a week ago, it was in a shipping box but when it was delivered a few days ago, the club was broken in three section? Contacted the service rep, was sent a new club in three days. I was completely surprised that a new club was sent so quickly, have hit it. A few times, very satisfied, with results! Just want to say thank you for promped service and excellence with the gx7 club.

  52. I finally had a chance to try my new GX7 on the range yesterday, and I must say as skeptical as I was, it performed exactly like advertised.
    I’m 74 years old and the first ball I hit with it went as far as my old driver and right down the middle. Thank you for helping me enjoy golf again.

  53. Can you order the club with a graphite shaft?

  54. Robert,

    If you watch the video, you’ll see we used a graphite shaft. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-q5LGs84500&t=76s

    You can select either a stiff or regular, or if you want a more custom fit, you can have an expert swap out shafts for you.

  55. Thank you for the comment, papa john.

  56. Ron, it’s always great to hear stories of awesome customer service. Thank you for sharing!

  57. I received my GX-7 on Monday. I took the club to the driving range, prior to my round with the fellow and hit a few range balls. I was amazed at the distance and the dispersion. I gained at least 20 yards and the balls were all flying straight. During the round, I was hitting my drives further than the guys that had been beating me before. It’s a great club. I highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their drives and fairway shots. I shot a 79 and I am usually in the mid to high 80s. This club will make you a happy camper. Jim

  58. I’m 74 years old, higher handicap. Do I order the senior flex? I’m not really sure. I have always used regular, but really don’t know the difference between that and senior flex. What do you think?

  59. Mike, good question. If I were you, I would go with the regular shaft. But can I ask, do you know your swing speed?

  60. do you deliver to the UK/

  61. I purchased the GX7 driver and the 18 and 21 degree clubs. I received them today and went directly to the first tee bypassing the driving range. I didn’t want to have to hit 50 balls to decide if I liked them or not so I put them immediately into 9 holes of play. I hit all seven fairways with distance equal to or slightly better than my Taylormade Burner. I was pleased that I could draw or fade it. The driver was very easy to hit off of the deck and I could cut it or hit a high draw . The 18 and 21 degree clubs also performed beautifully off of the fairway. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and it is safe to say that you would have to pry these from my hands to get them back. Thank you GX7 for giving my golf game a new lease on life.

  62. I just received my GX-7 and went to the driving range and hit some good shots and also some so so shots. My question is do you stand like you are hitting a regular driver or like you are hitting a 7 iron. I hit my hybrid 7 iron where ball is in the center of my stance and a regular driver where ball in lined up at the left inside heel. Also, what is the best height when teeing the ball?

  63. Thanks for sharing your experience, Bagger!

  64. Steve,

    I see you’ve asked two questions, here are my best answers:

    1. Ball position: I would position it back of where I place a driver and forward of a 7-iron. I think you’ll see optimum results playing it from where you’d play a 5-iron.

    2. Tee height: To get the most out of this club off the tee, I would tee it where 1/4 of the ball is above the crown (top-line) of the driver. Does that make sense?

    Hope this helps, good luck with the club. Did you watch our review of the driver?


  65. Troy, I am a 15-18 handicapper with a sub-100mph swing speed. The GX-7 costs me about 25 yards in distance over my G30 driver…..but…..every drive with the GX-7 is in the fairway. I will trade that any day for a loss of 25 yards, as it has lowered my scores. Since I began playing with the GX-7, every one of my playing buddies has first tried, then bought, the GX-7. I would also like to commend GX-7’s 18 degree and 21 degree rescue woods, they are the easiest clubs to hit off the deck I’ve ever used.

  66. Chip, thank you for the comment. We’re glad it’s helping you improve your golf game! Hopefully our review was helpful.

    — Troy

  67. Hi I am 82 years with a 15 handicap from the uk. Ordered the GX-7 and the C3i wedge, shipping to the uk only took 6 days. Bought it mainly for the fairway but tried it off the tee and haven’t used my driver since, getting longer drives and haven’t missed the fairway once, including 2 days in our club championships. Not so good off the fairways yet but working on it. I have the senior plus flex shaft.
    The C3i is brilliant no problems with bunkers now and good up to 50 metres from the green.
    I have now ordered the GX-7 18 & 21degree clubs. Hopefully that will complete my all round improvement. Strongly recommended.

  68. I ordered my GX-7 Tuesday and I received it today Friday, so very fast delivery.
    I will be taking it to the range today, to test it and hopefully will play tomorrow with it at a club metting I have and then on Sunday morning at BETHPAGE BLACK!
    I’ll post more tonight and Sunday night with my reactions to the club (hopefully good ones)

  69. Ok, i just arrived from the range and very pleased with the GX-7, it reacted as they say on the commercials, I hit around 40-50 shots with the club and only one was a slice and it was because I tried to do so,ething strange with the swing. other than that one maybe 3-4 bad shot the rest pretty good on the middle of my line.
    Yes compared with my Calaway FTi I hit it a,little shorter but almost all straight. Tomorrow I’ll take it to the course and let you know.
    This is the comparison today between the Gx-7 and FTi (I used my swing caddie sc200 to get the numbers)
    average carry 210 Yards
    Swing speed 89mph
    Ball speed 130mph
    Maximum carry 219

    Average carry 193
    Swing speed 88mph
    Ball speed 125
    Maximun carry 213

  70. I had heard of the GX-7 through the infomercials and wondered about it. I had not given it much thought though except on days when my driver misbehaves. In a serendipitous coincidence, I played golf with my uncle few days ago and noticed he was playing with a funny looking driver… and it was the GX-7! I hit his regular shaft GX-7 off the tee twice. (I use regular shaft in my clubs as well.) Both times the ball went straight and high and landed in the middle of the fairway. My driver miss is a pull/hook/duck and on the two tees I tried the GX-7, I pulled my driver left side of the fairway. I would say that I hit the driver and the GX-7 pretty good on both those tees. And on both holes I hit the driver farther than the GX-7 by around 10-15 yards. I was surprised it went that far as I was somewhat skeptical that it would/could. In the infomercials they touted the ease in which one can hit it off the deck so I tried to hit it off the fairway. I found it difficult and the two times I tried it, I ended up hitting a low fade/slice that didn’t seem to go very far. But I was using the 14 degree club. I didn’t know there was an 18 and 21 degree version until i found this page (which by the way came up on my search because I now wanted more information on the club after having hit it). I assume that they would be easier to hit off of the fairway than the 14 degree version.

    The shorter shaft makes the club easier to hit square and in the sweet spot. I didn’t notice the offset mentioned in the video review. It did not seem to cause me to draw the ball. The weight felt good and it was easy to accelerate through the ball. So all in all it seemed like the club did what the infomercials said it would. I had wondered whether the club was a conforming one or not. Good to know from the video review that it is.

    If I had space in my bag for one more club, I may seriously consider getting this club particularly for the shorter par 4s and the tighter fairways. I may likewise consider swapping out the 3 and 5 wood for the 18 and 21 assuming they are as easy to hit. But I think the goal of most golfers is to hit the driver as far and as straight as possible. And for now I think that would still be my goal. However, if it comes to the point where I have already given up on the driver, then I would have no problem grabbing this club as the next logical fallback.

  71. Troy, my swing speed is 85, which shaft flex would recommend for the Gx-7 ?

    Thank you, Don

  72. Thank you for the comment, Ricky!

  73. Daniel, this is awesome content and I know, very valuable for our viewing audience! Thank you for sharing, our team appreciates it.

  74. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Tim!

    We’re glad the review helped in your decision making. Good luck the rest of the summer golfing!

  75. Don, I trust this is with the driver, to which I would say you must swing no more than a regular shaft.

  76. Thanks Troy for your website! I’m 49 and a high handicapper. I have a pretty good swing speed. What degree of loft and what shaft do you recommend?
    Also, do you ever think you will review clubs and show your swing data with your tracker?

  77. Troy, I want to compliment you and thank you for responding to all these posts on this thread. And next I want to register a complaint.

    So, as far as I can tell, you have yet to reveal anything about the performance of the GX-7. I have wasted an hour watching your “review” (aka: description) of this club and reading these anecdotal postings, mostly of people who are around my age but are likely better golfers than I, and who like the GX-7 for it’s accuracy primarily. I wish there was more technical information (which I felt was actually promised in the “review”.)

    Since there is a return policy, perhaps I should just get one and try it for myself. But are there some type of drawbacks in doing so like return shipping costs and conditions?

  78. I put the GX-7 in my bag in August and have played 10 rounds with it so far. On balance I really love it; it is in there to stay. I am 66, my club head speed is low 90’s and I hit a good GX-7 tee shot about 225. Though I have hit a few out to 240+. My best 8 out of 10 would average around 215 to 220. Here are the good things, the things that are not as good and the things to think about.


    • Current Index 14.2, I was 15.0 before I started gaming this one.
    • Hitting 2 more fairways per round
    • Hitting 2 fewer truly ugly tee shots per round
    • Old Driver would cost me 4 to 6 shots per round
    • GX-7 costs me 1 to 2 shots per round
    • Bad GX-7 tee shots far better than my old driver
    • Average Driving Distance marginally better
    • Shot a four year low round of 75 a few weeks back
    • Hurts my back less than my old Driver
    • Confidence and Control

    Not as Good:

    • Perfect shots are about 15 yards shorter
    • Doesn’t go as far, but sometimes farther is simply farther into the woods
    • Curiously, have the occasional slice with the GX-7, not with the old Driver
    • Forget about Hitting off the turf. Marketing hype. (unless you already smoke your 3 wood)
    • The stock Grip is Ladies size so unless you have small hands you need to regrip right away
    • Truly trying to “Hit it like a 7 iron” is a disaster. Again, marketing hype.
    • Wish the club head was a little bigger, say 15% or so

    Things to think about:

    • Experimenting and dialing in Ball Position and Tee Height takes a lot of time
    • Playing the GX-7 a little more forward in the stance than the videos recommend is best
    • Consistently monitoring your dialed in Ball Position and Tee height is critical
    • If you have problems with your current driver put the GX-7 in your bag.

  79. Hi Troy, could you briefly describe the differences between the regular, senior, and senior plus flexes? Thanks!

  80. just tried the GX7 at the range. On the 6 ball the shaft split on the back swing. I guess I will find out about the 60 day guarantee. I am a 70 year old 20+ handicap . Jim

  81. GX-7 Update

    I posted my review of the GX-7 in November. Here is an update. I wondered why I had such success. Well turns out that it is not necessarily the GX-7 that is the key to getting better performance out of a driver. Though I did with the GX-7. Because I was not going to use my TM SLDR driver anymore, after I started gaming the GX-7, on a lark I thought I would cut the shaft down to the same length as the GX-7 and see how that worked. So I cut the shaft down to 43.25″, and I went to Billy Bob Golf in California and bought an extra 16 grams of sliding weight to put in driver head. That way I was able to maintain the D-4 swing weight. Went to the Driving range with both clubs yesterday for the first time. Well turns out my modified SLDR out performs the GX-7. I can hit it just as straight now as I can the GX-7 and about 10 yards further to boot.

    The average driver off the shelf today is 45.5″. Hardly any pros play a 45.5″ driver. I think the average driver shaft length for PGA pros is somewhere between 44″ and 44.5″. In fact in the 2016 Champions Tournament Jimmy Walker played a 42″ driver. This fall in one of the golf magazines I saw that Aaron Baddley plays a 42.5″ driver.

    So what do the Pros know that we don’t? Simple, it is harder to consistently hit the sweet spot of a driver with a 45.5″ shaft than one with a shorter shaft. The Pros all have superb hand eye coordination and practice for hours. Sure if they hit it perfect every time a longer shaft would mean a longer drive, pure physics. But yet they opt for shorter Drivers, because in spite of their skill sets and practice time they are not “perfect” enough to use a 45.5″ driver and distance is all about hitting it in the middle of the club face. So if they aren’t using a 45.5″ driver why does any amateur think they should use one?

    Try a shorter shafted driver, might make all the difference

  82. Just ordered my GX-7 today and if it’s not what it should be I will let you know asap. But I hope you are right.

  83. Troy, bought the GX-7 and used it today at an indoor driving range. The mats allow the measurement of distance and swing speed. I carry a 15 handicap and am 72 years old. On the positive side, I hit everything straight with no mishits either off the tee or the mat. I was also using a 19 degree 5 wood to measure the GX-7 against. I got the same distance off the tee and mat with the 5 wood. Swing speed for both clubs varied between 105-115. I have a regular shaft in both clubs.
    With bad weather in Minnesota, I can’t take outside for a month. My initial thought is to return it because of lack of distance..

    Any thoughts?

  84. Today was my 3rd session with GX-7,Still trying to find best ball position.Center of stance not working.Should I try more forward?

  85. Have my club for a little while now and I am really having a hard time with ball position/tee height.

    I had to give my driver up due to back issues and though since this was shorter I’d be able to do a little better.
    I am 5’5″, 74 year old woman, with a high handicap (22)…but this is really difficult for me to get. Where should I position the ball. Do I need to have the shaft reduced?

  86. I am a female golfer 62y/o swing speed mid 60s. The GX7 does come in a ladies shaft. Love this club. Have 5 drivers none of which I can hit, OBTW fitted for 2 of them. Hit this club immediately upon arrival. Average distance 180 yards. Can occasionally get it to 200. Would barely get my driver to 150. So easy to use. Highly recommend if you need playable distance.

  87. Great question Phyllis, and a common one we receive. For a standard driver ball position, we would recommend having the tee height set to where the ball would be slightly above the crest of the driver head, and ball position off the inside of the lead foot. Here is a great video demonstration:

    If you still feel your club is a little long, simply slide your hands down the shaft slightly to shorten the shaft. You can always get a fitting, but if you want to save some money, that may be a good alternative if it feels comfortable. Let us know how it goes!

  88. Like Debbie, I would like to know more about the shaft. I am a 62YO female and am looking for more distance on my drives. Please give us more info on which shaft to order. Thanks

  89. The shaft of the GX-7 comes in 5 flex options: Senior Plus, Senior, Regular, Stiff and Ladies. In terms of which shaft to choose, that would be more of a personal preference. Many golfers work off of swing speed for a baseline, but really it depends on what you are looking for out of your shaft. Some golfers will tend to release later or earlier in their downswing, which will change the action of the shaft arguably more than overall swing speed. Here is a great video from Mark Crossfield on shaft selection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gbcZ8rPMiM&t=76s
    There is a lot of conflicting views on this topic, but understanding cause and effect is ultimately going to help out the most. Hopefully that helps point you in the right direction!

  90. Why do manufacturers and reviewers ignore the swing weight of a club. You are using what is essentially an off the rack club that is supposed to be a game improvement club. But if it is too heavy for some of us, then it will not work.

  91. What’s the difference between senior and senior plus? Is it grams? How many per shaft?

  92. I like the driver. seems to help hit it straighter. HOWEVER, I looked at the club and it looked like the yellow decal on the shaft was chipping off or peeling. subsequently on my next drive, which never actually happened, the shaft snapped 5 inches below the grip. they are gonna send a new one which is great. hopefully I got a lemon and this wont happen again. if it does I will let it be known.

  93. I am 60 years old and have had major back surgery so swing speed is not excessive
    I liked the club for the most part distance is just average
    After about 12 rounds the head split open

  94. I got the 18 degree fairway wood guys!!! I was skeptical at first but when I tried it, it did the job of about 180 to 210 yards for me. I was consistently hitting it that distance. Note you need about two bucket of balls at the range before you use it for play to better understand how to use the club. Yes you are supposed to hit it like a 7 iron. That took me a while because it was a little awkward at first but once I got the hang of it, it was great!!!
    I didn’t get the driver because I am used to mine and pretty consistent with it but I needed a reliable 3/5 wood off the deck and this did it for me. Love the way it cuts through the grass.

    Hope this helps as I have been looking for reviews on the fairway woods and can’t find any, usually reviews just on driver.

    MW (Handicap-12.6/ age 50

  95. Thanks for taking the time to comment and share! We appreciate honest feedback from our readers to help other golfers make educated, sound decisions on purchases.

  96. Hey Todd Kolb

    What’s up? I’m doing well. I have read your review about gx7 x Metal. You are including more information about gx7. Most of the golfer follows your Article. I saw your team doing hard work with usgolftv.


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