The Hybrid with “Machete Rails”: The iRT-5 Hybrid at

By Troy Klongerbo
June 3, 2017


Updated 11/14/2018

Our team saw the numerous television ads during last week’s NCAA Golf Championships won by the Oklahoma Sooners. We’re sure you saw them, too. The craze was

You could learn more about a hybrid that will change the way you hit hybrids, forever

The objective was to visit and see what all the noise was about with this new hybrid, destined to change the way hybrids were played.

Our Review here:


So I went to the website, and here’s what I learned.

“I believe this is simply the best hybrid for recreational and amateur golfers, period.”

—Arron Oberholser, Golf Channel personality and former PGA Tour player

Watch the 15-minute long informational video with testimonials (

So, What’s the Deal?

The iRT-5 Hybrid is brought to you by the same people who brought you the xE1 wedge. Arron Oberholser presents the hybrid the aims to change your golf game.

The club itself is a 24-degree hybrid with an orange and black color scheme with rails along the bottom. There are no gimmicks.

Here at USGolfTV, we’re familiar with golf clubs that have rails. We’ve partnered with PNP Golf and the Rake wedges for years now. They have a line of wedges with rakes along the sole to help golfers find success from all lies.

Take it from Todd Kolb, our Director of Instruction, who said the following about rail designs with this wedge.

“What that allows the club to do, is as the club enters thick grass or bunker, it allows the face to stay nice and square, which is a key component to hitting great golf shots.”

—Todd Kolb, Director of Instruction USGolfTV

So we know rail technology has merit. But haven’t I seen this technology before? Wait, yes I have!


Back in the early 2000s, I had a few friends who used this fairway metal from LaJolla called the “Knife.” Look familiar? I thought so too. La Jolla marketed this club similarly (aside from the onslaught of Golf Channel commercials), as a club to perform from a variety of lies.

This rail technology has been used successfully before, and it’s still around. Must mean there’s staying power to the design!

It’s one area where I would disagree with Mr. Oberholser’s claim of “never before seen machete rails system.”

But I digress…

The iRT-5 Hybrid

The club is designed with amateur golfers (and not professionals) in mind. No major manufacturers were involved in the marketing tactics or design features.

After doing research, viewing the commercials, and diving a little deeper into this golf club, I’ve discovered three key points to this golf club that will help amateurs.

1. The hybrid is designed to work out of various lies.

The rail design is a concept that has merit, absolutely. I’m not going to argue it doesn’t. The rail technology reduces the contact that the sole of the club (the bottom) has with the turf. It keeps the club from digging.

This means more success from those various treacherous lies.

Out of the rough, the fairway, the bunker, divots, and off the tee, golfers are seeing added performance with the iRT-5 hybrid.

With this reduced drag through impact, you’ll also see a slight uptick in club head speed.

2. The face will be more square at impact. 

There are two reasons the club will be more square at impact with the iRT-5 hybrid.

  • Heavier club head
  • Design features on the rails

The hybrid was made heavier to give golfers a more stable feel through impact. With a lighter club, golfers would be able to increase swing speed and perhaps add distance on solid strikes, but they would loose stability and consistency.

With this club, stability and consistency were much more important.

Also, with the design features, the weight and shape of the rails allow the club to square up at impact. See the image below:

3. Allows golfers to swing with simple setup.

Armed with a low center of gravity, 24 degrees of loft, and unique design, golfers are allowed to swing their swing.

Most amateur golfers swing the club over the top and struggle with a slice. But by giving golfers a shorter shaft (with the iRT-5)

What the group at iRT-5 hybrid has done here is embrace the iron swing. This is just like the GX-7 metal, also a Golf Channel product.  More recently, it seems to fall in line with the Teeless Driver that has been getting lots of hype.

Golfers are encouraged to swing at the ball as they would an iron and see improved performance from the club. Keeping the swing simple and the concepts basic will help amateur golfers.

What Do You Think?

Have you gotten to try the iRT-5 Hybrid?  Do you like the design and aesthetics, or do you prefer more traditional clubs?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Please notify me when you have reviewed the irt-5

  2. Lenny,

    Absolutely, we will. We hope to have our club in hand in the next few weeks, as the club is on back order.

    Thank you!

    — Troy

  3. My irt 5 arrived yesterday– all I can say is WOW!!! At the driving range my shots were 15-25 yards longer and straight!! Can’t wait to play with it. My wife was so impressed I ordered one for her

  4. Do you guys sell an IRT-5 hybrid with a 20 degree loft?

  5. Henry, great news! We’re going to be posting a review of the club over the course of the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. Good luck to both you and your wife with the new club! To continued success,

    — Troy

  6. Frank,

    We are not the sellers of this club at USGolfTV. The one we received for review was a 24-degree hybrid.

    If we learn anything different, we will keep you posted!

  7. Hello,
    I received my IRT 5 last week and i am disappointed about it as I thouight it will make more distance..I want to return it right now.
    Please adv procedure to return
    Jean Luc Roy
    6165 ave Doucet

  8. My irt-5 (24 degree) arrived a couple of days ago and I tried it on the range. I also played one round of golf with this new club hitting several shots to test the distance and accuracy. I am happy with the accuracy but “disappointed” with the distance as I am getting only about 10+ yards more than my older hybrid (23 degrees) with a similar shaft.

    I am a senior playing several times a week with a 12 handicap and a swing speed that has declined… I was hoping for more and I bought into the hype… there is no magic club! At this point, I feel I only upgraded one of my hybrids (for $188+) and I will have to make it work.

  9. I played with my IRT-5 for the first this past Saturday. I am a 14 HNCP. The club is everything as advertised. Those carry shots from 175 to 200 yards are no problem with this club. Excellent from tight lies and the rough. I am looking forward to their next two hybrids which you can purchase in a 2 for one deal.

  10. please email me as soon as you test the irt5. thank you, jim.

  11. I received my 24 degree club 2 or 3 weeks ago
    Great Club! I ordered the other two clubs that were offered 28degree and a 32 degree but I have not received the clubs. I called the company to check on the clubs I haven’t received and was told they were in stock and would be sent to me. I have been waiting two or three weeks now and to this day I have not heard from anyone about my clubs being sent to me . Please check on the clubs and get me a date I can expect to receive said clubs…..

  12. Jean,

    Unfortunately, we are not the ones who provide this product. We only provided the review. However, we are sad to hear the product didn’t perform for you.

    — Troy

  13. Hank, that’s a bummer to hear you didn’t increase distance.

    Did you notice any difference in performance from the rough?

  14. Cool news, Bill. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Jim, we’ve tested the club and are editing the video footage now! will be releasing the video soon on YouTube. Subscribe to our channel to stay tuned!

  16. Randall, we are not responsible for the distribution of the hybrids. Please contact their team. Good luck with the club!

  17. Hi. What is the length of this club? I see that it is 24 degree loft and has four shaft flex options.

  18. Ron, our video review may help you out a lot:

  19. Hey Jean Luc Roy
    If you are interested in selling it, I am in Ottawa you can contact me at Anybody else with one they want to sell please contact me.

  20. when are the new Hybrids being released and a 2 for 1 deal would be awesome it would make the shipping to Canada almost worth it as it is over 50 CAD for shipping on 1 so added to a 250 CAD dollars it makes it a very expensive HYBRID,

  21. what is typical distance of irt5 hybrid /

  22. Jim, that distance will vary, based on clubhead speed and contact made.

    I am hitting the club roughly 220-230 yards and I swing my driver at 110MPH.


  24. Troy, Just discovered your site this morning. Great Review.

    I bought the GX-7 X Metal, so I am familiar with the company. That club is really good, not as long as a driver but more consistent. Just played a round on Saturday, my drives only cost me a stroke. Typically they cost me 6 or more. I bring this up because it looks like the iRT-5 has the same thing going for it, Namely a little heavier a little shorter and a little straighter. Easier to score when you are playing from the fairway or first cut of rough, instead of behind a tree.

    I am gaming a 2003 Nike “red head” 24 degree hybrid and am looking to potentially replace it, have not found any hybrid I can hit any better (and I have tried) so have not felt the need to replace it at this point. I hit it about 185 yards.

    I am 66 and my club head speed on the driver is down about 10mph to low 90’s. Index: 14.9. I have a generally steep swing and take big divots.

    I have a five questions I was hoping you might shed a little light on.

    1. How much distance do you think I might give up on this club compared with a more traditional 24 degree hybrid on well struck shots?

    2. I see the advantage to hitting this club from the rough, light rough or even normal fairway lies. However, it seems that the rails would be problematic in a tight lie situation on say hard pan as I would think the tendency to hit thin shots from tie lies would be exacerbated with the iRT-5. How did you find this club performing off of really tie lies?

    3. I hit my current hybrid pretty well much of the time, but when I do miss it is more of a hook or push, rarely a true slice. Will the offset and larger rail toe, prove to be problematic with my kind of a swing?

    4. Sometimes, not always, I have a tendency to balloon my current 24 degree, particularly in windy conditions. Do you think the iRT-5 would help with that problem?

    5. I had to replace the grip on the GX-7 as it was too small, actually went to my local golf shop and compared it with other grips. It was smaller than the grips on any of the men’s drivers. Actually turned out to be the same size as the grips on four of the ladies’ drivers I compared it to. I get it, with a smaller grip you have a tendency to rotate the shaft through the hitting zone a little quicker cutting down on slices. The GX-7 is marketed as an anti-slice machine. I had to replace the grip from the jump. Does the iRT-5 have the same ladies’ sized grip as the GX-7?

    Thanks for the help.

  25. I have the irt 5 and it is an excellent and forgiving club. Those looking for more distance out of a 24 deg club may be disappointed. However, if you are looking for greatly increased accuracy and even greater reduction of miss hits than this is the club for you. I have had it since it first came out, played all summer with it and I’ve hit very very few bad shots with it. Nothing with a hook or slice, every shot is straight as can be and out of many different problem lies. For me I was very happy with it and say it was as advertised. For me anyways most of those shots with my former hybrids would surely have resulted in adding strokes to my scorecard guaranteed. It is a Stroke Saver club for me no question, very happy with it for that purpose.

  26. which irons does this club “replace”….. how many other hybrids does this company make

  27. I received my Irt5 with the 24 degree face and went to the driving range to give it a try. I played golf a bit about 40 years ago, and then put it aside as I was heavy into family and career. I’m now retired and moved to a retirement community to take it easy. I just started trying golf again (haven’t touched a club in 20 years and that was at a driving range with son-in-law). I’m 75, and I purchased the senior shaft model. So here is my experience. My first few shots were no different than any other club… duffed the first several… topped a couple, etc,,, can;t blame any of that on the club. I slowed down a bit, thought through the process, worked at changing my stance for hitting the ball, etc. Well, after a few more swings, I finally got the hang of it. Just about every shot after that, it was up in the air and traveled about what my 3 iron would do (when I hit it correctly). There is no magic here, you have to still hit the ball correctly, and the distance depends on how you play it. The nice thing is, this is more consistent because it is a more forgiving club. I’m excited to get back out to the range (it’s been raining a bit) to try it again. My 3 partners in crime are anxious to get back out on the course (same here) and I want to see the expression on their faces when I hit with this club. I’m willing to bet that they will want one too and at least 2 will order immediately. The last guy is a true doubting Thomas, so he’ll wait to see me hit it again at a later golf outing. Overall, I feel more confident hitting this club than the regular irons. The feel is like my 5 wood (metal), but it gets the ball up into the air much easier, quite a bit straighter for me, but it does drift a bit to the right, so I’m going to work on my golf grip and my feet positioning to correct that. I thought the club a bit expensive, but I think it’s going to be “well worth it” if I keep improving like I did from the first 10 balls hit to the rest of the bucket (I had 50)…. so as I kept hitting, it got better and better. I’ll follow up after I’ve been out a few times.

  28. I ordered the 3 club package 24, 28 and 32 degree lofts with a senior flex shafts, immediately took them to the driving range and hit 100 balls, around 30 per club, I have now used the clubs in 3 games.
    I am a high handicapper, (28-30), 58yo right hand golfer.
    The 24 replaced my Callaway 4 wood, and the 28, 32 replaced my Cleveland 5 and 6 irons.
    Right away I found the forgiveness excellent, these things hit straight and feel great.
    I also found they gave my shots more loft and agree they land softer.
    The one area, I feel they don’t perform as suggested though is in increased distance?
    The 24 was giving me approximately the same distance I was achieving with the Callaway 4 wood, but certainly no longer.
    The 28 and 32 – I feel are probably each 5-10 yards shorter.
    When you think about it, if you are achieving more height then the ball isn’t necessarily travelling longer.
    But, I do want to say my goal was to eliminate landing 10 -20 yards either side of the green, by having a far more consistent direction in my shots and landing either on or just in front of the green, allowing me a shorter chip or the ability to hone in on the hole with a putt far out weighs any so called extra distance, I can see with around 3 to 6 months of use, getting more confident in each clubs performance, I can see these clubs helping me to achieve a shot a hole 18 handicap, dropping 10 to 12 strokes a round isn’t something to be sneezed at!
    For the record, not every shot is dead straight, there are still miss hits and hooks and slices, it’s just that these clubs are more forgiving and the spread is nowhere near as wide.
    Then again, anyone who orders any club feeling the club will do all the work is not being realistic.
    Congratulations to those who designed these clubs – they are worth every cent.

  29. If the rails help eliminate the slice why aren’t drivers made with them?

  30. Price of IRT-5 ?

  31. Jerry I would imagine there would be little use when hitting a driver as the club sole does not come into contact with the ground due to hitting the ball off a tee upwards into the air.

  32. If any Aussies out there not happy with their iRT5 please contact me. I am interested in buying a used iRT5 24 deg. Shipping cost from US is high.

  33. Do you know if they are going to come out with a 19 or 20 degree club? I have the 24, 28 & 34 and love all three, but I would like to replace my 3 wood with an iRT5 19 or 20 degree club….

  34. Thank you for the comment Walter. We have not heard of any other lofts for the iRT-5 at the moment. As we are not actually affiliated with the company, we would recommend contacting them for any questions about future models. Best of luck to you!

  35. I bought the IRT5 ladies and didn’t fid any increase in distance. In fact mu Tailormade Aeroburner 5 hybrid performed way better so I will be returning this club. It seemed to hit balls fine but left a dull thud like noise and wasn’t impressed in overall performance. I even tried it in the rough as advertised…did nothing.

  36. I find a very playable, less extreme compromise in the Cobra hybrids and fairway woods with two rails. Especially the fairway woods with adjustment 3 / 4 or 5 / 6 etc. Set mine to a 4 wood and 6 wood and … Boom; they work. The Hybrid, about the same success rate; it works for me and I work to break a 100. The two rails make you fearless in regard to any hitting of the turf and think it is this confidence that helps. Although I do feel occasionally the rails straitening my club vs. a twist starting to form when playing out of rough / softer turf.

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