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Author: Troy Klongerbo

Three Videos to Cure Your Slice with Joseph Mayo, the Trackman Maestro

5/1/2017 You’re here looking to cure the slice. But first, we want to share with you a story. “I’ve finally got my game in order,” PGA Tour veteran Pat Perez said in 2014. “I started working with a guy named Joe Mayo, and he’s really taught me how to understand the ball launch. I finally understand. I’ve been looking for that forever. I have this confidence now where I know where the ball’s going to go. I feel like I can hit good shots and it’s changed everything.” Joseph Mayo, also known on social media as the TrackmanMaestro, is...

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In Another Year, But Not This Year: Sergio’s Moment

04/09/2017 It’s well documented, Sergio Garcia’s story in golf. Perhaps even more documented are Garcia’s shortcomings on golf’s largest stages. He was a major-less man, for so many years. In so many other years. Garcia has always been a player flush with as much emotion as talent. Volatile on and off the course, Sergio always had demons controlling his demeanor. Voices both inside and outside the media pointed to his personality as the reason for his lack of triumphant success. It was “holding him back.” But truth be told, it was his demeanor that provided the flair which delivered...

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2017 Masters Preview: Picks and Predictions for the 2017 Green Jacket

04/02/2017 I say this every year. But even if you don’t have azaleas growing in your backyard, you’ll be smelling them again starting tomorrow. It’s Masters week. The happiest week of the year. No seriously, it just be might be the happiest time of the year. In this preview, expect me to layout 5 players I expect to contend, another 3 that could earn sleeper nods, and my pick for the 2017 green jacket. I’ll also discusss the weather forecast for the week and reference a lot of what happened in 2016. I still can’t believe Danny Willett won the...

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What is the Science of the Slice?

Download the FREE e-book here! 03/21/2017 Slice holds a permanent place in golf vernacular. The golfer and non-golfer alike both know exactly what it is. It’s that big banana thing that never ends up in a good place. Even if you aim for it and it ends up in the fairway, it’s a shot that sits miles behind your playing partners. What to do? Here at USGolfTV, we want to help. Over the years, we’ve developed a ton of content for how to cure the slice, including blogs like this, this, this, this, and this. Our team also spent...

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A Good Use for Home-Improvement Lasers to Make More Putts

03/22/2017 Aren’t “lay-zers” supposed to be mounted on sharks heads? Sorry Dr Evil, but now we can use “lay-zers” for all sorts of things, like improving our putting. Over time, golfers have come up with hundreds of ways to check and improve alignment. They will often use the sticks used to mark the edge of a driveway during the snowy months as alignment tools. Or a golfer might use an elevated string line to help see the line of a putt to the hole. Those methods might be all fine and dandy, but this is the 21st century. And...

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Does the NEW YouTube TV Have the Golf Channel?

03/02/2017 If you found yourself reading this right now, you have one critical question you want answered… “Will the Golf Channel be on YouTube TV?” The short answer is yes. But wait… If you are expecting to be able to watch all of your golf programing on YouTube TV, hold on to your horses. First of all what exactly is YouTube TV? YouTube TV is a cloud DVR service. This means you can record all of your favorite programming to the cloud while on the go. And it’s better than getting the Golf Channel on YouTube itself. This is access...

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Why Gear Effect is Affecting Your Ball Flight

*BELOW is an excerpt from USGolfTV’s latest e-book called “The Science of the Slice.” The e-book can be download and read in full, Science-of-The-Slice-Ebook-10.  03/01/2017 One of the final key aspects in understanding the “Science of the Slice” is understanding the moment of truth. The point of no return. Impact. Have you ever hit that shot that you barely felt? That one with the sharp, piercing sound and the soaring ball flight. The one that when you look at the club face, you see a few faint marks of a dimple right on the center of the clubface. The...

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02/25/2017 Can you feel it? Yes. It’s the feel of a consistent and powerful swing. And it’s acquired from thousands of perfect swings. Right now you might feel pretty confident in your swing. That’s great! Confidence is important. Perhaps you have put in thousands of swings. Perhaps you want to put in a thousand more. If you’re going to put in the swings, might as well put in perfect swings. With a tool that gives you the perfect swing. And a tool that is endorsed by a leading golf instructor year after year. After all, a product like this...

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4 Ways Effectively Practice Your Golf Game [FULL VIDEO]

02/24/2017 It’s getting to be about that time of year again… at least for those of us up north. We brush the dust off the sticks and start looking for that bucket of balls from the local driving range, the bucket that we just didn’t have time to hit before putting up the clubs for the winter. We snag the welcome mat off the front porch and sneak out to the back deck to squeeze off a few shots over the at the neighbors garage without anyone seeing us. The first few swings are only to shake the rust loose...

Read More, Charles Kallassy’s Swing Magic Tip from the 90s

02/20/2017 When was the last time you saw a promo video for a training aid from the late 90’s? It’s been a long time for us, too! It’s no surprise that Kallassy’s Swing Magic has been around that long. Over the past 3 decades, this aid has helped over a half a million golfers develop a repeatable motion. The three keys to a powerful and consistent swing are a full coil, proper delivery and a full release. You can expect to develop all three with the Swing Magic. This is why two-time REMAX Long Driver Charles Kallassy developed it....

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