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Author: Troy Klongerbo Gloves, Tees, Balls, and Grips for Your Game

8/18/2017 NBC Golf Commentator Johnny Miller is onboard. Then, maybe you should be too. That is with the folks at The group at golf are the innovators and creators of the three-pronged golf tee. You know, the tee with the three prongs designed for more distance? Well, now ZeroFriction is about so much more… GPS golf gloves, golf balls, tees, motion-fit golf gloves, and more, Zero Friction is a growing name in the golf industry. My interest was peaked on ZeroFriction when I was watching the Golf Channel coverage a few weeks ago and started noticing more...

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Tour Precision: Gain Unprecedented Control with Your Game

8/17/2017— Brand new from USGolfTV is a program called Tour Precision. Tour Precision brings to attention the need to be precise when playing the game of golf. So what do you think is the difference between the average golfer and the Touring professionals? Many golfers believe it’s this very lie… “Dustin Johnson hits 360-yard drives! I can’t do that!” …or how about this one? “I watched Bubba Watson hit a 330-yard slice right down the middle. If I had that shot with my driver, I’d be way better, too!” Those are all lies. The best players in the world...

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What Is the Key to Hitting High Spinning Wedges?

7/30/2017 “I want to hit it further.” “I want to put backspin on the ball.” These are two of the most common requests by golfers everywhere, especially higher handicap players and people new to the game. We see the shots on TV. Skip, skip, stop. It’s amazing to watch. Those high spin wedge shots…they’re beautiful, are they not? Among amateurs, it’s the desired shot. After all, who doesn’t want to hit it like the guys they see on TV? In this blog, we’re going to dive into ways that you can go to the course and hit this very...

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The Bushnell Pro X2 Review: The World’s Ultimate Rangefinder

07/26/2017 Bushnell has long been the leaders in the rangefinder space. Year after year, product after product, Bushnell creates long-lasting, industry leading technology. When you need to know a yardage, you trust Bushnell. Isn’t that true? Nothing new to report on that front with the new Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder. With the latest piece of Bushnell technology, they’ve focused on taking the things they’ve done really well for a long time—accuracy, ease-of-use, and durability—and worked to optimize those features and improve the product. Todd Kolb, the Director of Instruction at USGolfTV, sat down to discuss how the Bushnell X2...

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How Can Ball Position Add Distance to Your Drives?

06/16/2017 When you’re hitting shots, how often do you consider the ball position? You probably think the secret to hitting longer drives is the brand-new $400 driver with the speed grooves, secret slots, adjustable weights, and mega-fast face. Either that, or you think you just need to figure out how to swing the club faster. Maybe you’re the person who thinks, “all I need to do is get my swing to look like the ones on TV and I’ll start bombing tee shots.” What if I told you, a simple thing like ball position can have a drastic influence...

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SwingOil: The On-Course Sports Packet Designed for Golf Performance

06/08/2017 A lot of pros make the game look very easy at times.  Dustin Johnson, Fred Couples, Jason Day and others just have that “it” factor.  You know it when you see.  It’s more than just a nice swing and sweet putting stroke.  They have a manner about them which suggests they can shoot a 68 anytime, anywhere without breaking a sweat.  Others like Jim Furyk or Zach Johnson can be labeled “gritty” or “grinders” and it works for them.  But DJ & Freddie are different. They’re smooth.  Like James Bond, smooth. Are you smooth or does it take...

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The Hybrid with “Machete Rails”: The iRT-5 Hybrid at

06/03/2017 Our team saw the numerous television ads during last week’s NCAA Golf Championships won by the Oklahoma Sooners. We’re sure you saw them, too. The craze was You could learn more about a hybrid that will change the way you hit hybrids, forever.  The objective was to visit and see what all the noise was about with this new hybrid, destined to change the way hybrids were played. Our Review here: So I went to the website, and here’s what I learned. “I believe this is simply the best hybrid for recreational and amateur golfers, period.” —Arron Oberholser, Golf Channel...

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Bombtech Grenade 2 Driver Review 2017 (+ VIDEO)

05/29/2017 Brief Summary: The Bombtech Grenade 2 numbers were very comparable, aside from inflated spin, to the current numbers in my driver now. Shaft felt a bit soft, numbers verified the feel. Overall, a good driver at the price point. It’s hard to find a golfer, not in pursuit of more distance off the tee. This desire typically leads them on a constant expedition for a new “big dog.” Marketing campaigns throughout the golf industry portray a technologically advanced driver as the key to those high, soaring tee shots that travel the distance of three football fields. All of the top...

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3 Biggest Chipping Mistakes You Make Regularly

05/19/2017 It’s evidently a very popular topic. After all, everyone wants to chip the ball better. We’re not all expecting to chip the ball like Jordan Spieth…but still. Good chipping can turn your round of golf from good to bad. It can take a score from something a hair over 100 to breaking 100. It can take your nine holes from a few strokes over 45, to a few strokes under. Getting the ball closer to the hole helps immensely. On the PGA Tour, they measure all facets of the game. Great driving and great iron play are the...

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2017 PLAYERS Championship: Picks & Predictions for TPC Sawgrass

05/07/2017 It’s PLAYERS Championship time. Each and every May, the TPC Sawgrass hosts the best in the world in the PGA Tour’s flagship event. It’s widely considered the 5th major in golf. And it’s stadium design leads to thrilling finishes on an almost annual basis. I’m excited for the PLAYERS, are you? Watch my review here and if you’d like, read more below! Video preview (recorded May 4th, 2017): Full Field Click here for a link to the entire 2017 PLAYERS field via They’ll be happy about this year’s purse: $10.5M purse this week at TPC Sawgrass, which means...

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