How to Aim Your Driver for a High Draw Every Time

By Todd Kolb
November 9, 2022

Struggling With How to Aim Your Driver? Finally Unlock the Code to Better Control and More Draws Off the Tee.

When you know how to aim your driver for a nice, high draw, you’re gonna have a lot more fun on the golf course.

That’s just the truth.

I mean, imagine if you could hit a draw on command

Imagine if every time you stepped up to the tee, you knew you were about to get that low backspin, that jaw-dropping carry distance, that nice, long roll.

Imagine if you could trust yourself to not only hit it far, but also hit it with accuracy.

You can make it happen. You just need to know how to aim your driver and how to navigate the aiming challenges specific to this club.

Because trust me—aiming your driver is hard for a reason. And until you understand what that reason is, you won’t get that beautiful draw you’ve been dreaming of.

Let’s break this down.

Why’s It So Hard to Figure Out How to Aim Your Driver?

The first thing you gotta understand about how to aim your driver is the fact that your driver’s design is working against you.

If you find it way easier to aim your irons or aim your hybrid, you’ve got a solid excuse.

See, not only is your driver the longest club in your bag; its clubhead has what’s called “bulge and roll.” 

“Bulge” refers to the curvature of the clubface between the heel and toe. “Roll” is the curvature from crown to sole. Together, they make for a fairly rounded clubface that can really mess with your perception when you’re trying to aim your shots.

When you think about aiming your irons, you can see the difference, right? Your irons have a clean leading edge, making it way easier to see if the clubface is open, closed, or square.

So how are you supposed to overcome an obstacle that’s literally built into your driver shots?

Well, here’s the first trick:

Give Yourself a Visual Cue

If your clubface won’t clarify things for you, you’ve got to make it happen for yourself.

Here are two great ways to give yourself a better perspective as you work on how to aim your driver.

Use an Alignment Rod

Stand behind the ball to get a good view of your target line. Then place an alignment rod out in front of the ball along that target line.

This gives you a true visual of your target line, which makes it way easier to align your feet properly (more on that in a minute) and even aim that curved clubface. 

Give it a try. Set down an alignment rod, take your setup, and make sure your clubface is aimed right down that rod. 

Oh, and make sure you’re lining up your shot from the proper perspective. Here’s what I mean:

Check Your Lines From the Proper Perspective

A lot of golfers have a habit of popping up to check their alignment.

It’s not intentional. It just happens naturally. They get set up, then they turn and lift their head to check the target line. If you do this, I guarantee it’s screwing up your aim because it’s screwing up your perspective.

Here’s what you want to do instead:

  1. As you address the golf ball, stand with your feet together.
  2. Set the clubhead down behind the ball, holding it with just your trail hand.
  3. From your setup position, rotate your head to look down the line. Do not lift your head or come up out of your posture.

This gives you a much better perspective to get the clubface, ball, and target line in alignment.

Once you’ve done that, you can step your feet into your regular driver stance and make your golf shot.

Just by making it easier to visualize your shot, you’re going to drastically improve your aim. But I’ve still got more to tell you, because I know why you’re here. You don’t just want to know how to aim your driver. You want to learn how to hit a draw

And I’ve got you covered.

The Tour Draw Secrets

These next few tips are just a few of the secrets we share in the Tour Draw swing system. 

We created Tour Draw after new technology revealed that our old understanding about the rules of ball flight were dead wrong. The system shows new, more effective strategies for conquering the slice and mastering the draw. (You can check it out here.)

Here’s how to aim your driver the Tour Draw way.

1. Position Your Feet Properly

Of all the advice I give you in this article, this nugget is the one you’re most likely to be skeptical about. 

It’s also the one that’s going to completely open your eyes. You gotta trust me on this.

To get your feet in the right position to hit a draw with your driver:

  1. Put your feet together.
  2. Step your lead foot forward slightly and towards the target line.
  3. Step your trail foot back and away from the target line. (Remember to make sure you end up with the golf ball forward in your stance.)

If you do this correctly, you’ll end up with your feet angled to the right of the target line. (Or to the left if you’re left-handed.) This slight right aim creates an in-to-out swing path. Combined with this next step, that in-to-out path is exactly what you need to hit a jaw-dropping draw.

2. Square Your Clubface

Memorize this:

The formula for a Tour Draw is a slight rightward aim on the swing path (leftward if you’re left-handed) plus a square clubface.

Once you’re set up to make your shot, use the tips I gave you above for aiming your clubface straight down the target line.

Then bring it home with this last easy tip.

3. Hover the Clubhead

If you’re familiar with my instruction, you’ve already learned that some of the best fixes are also the easiest. This secret for how to aim your driver is one of my favorites. It’s a quick tip that requires no extra thought, skill, or practice.

Once you get set up with your feet closed and your clubface square to the target, lift your clubhead off the turf. Hover it right behind the golf ball.

Easy enough, right?

The hover helps you out in a few ways. Most relevant to this article, it helps you aim your driver. See, when you allow the clubhead to rest on the ground, it naturally wants to rotate open. By hovering the clubhead, you maintain control of it. This helps you keep it square.

But hovering the clubhead also improves your tempo and helps you hit up on the golf ball, which gets you the scorecard-crushing distance you’re looking for.

Now, simple though those tips may be, that was a lot of information to absorb. So I’ll leave you with an easy checklist to use the next time you’re on the driving range.

How to Aim Your Driver: A Checklist

When you get set up to make a shot with your driver:

  1. Find your aim from setup position by rotating your head to look down the line. (Don’t pop up!)
  2. Square the clubhead to the target line.
  3. Step your trail foot back from the target line so your feet aim slightly to the right of the target (to the left if you’re left-handed).
  4. Lift the clubhead up from the turf so it hovers behind the golf ball.

And remember: you can use an alignment rod to get a better visual of your target line any time you practice how to aim your driver. Just set the alignment rod on the ground along the target line right in front of the golf ball.

Practice these tricks and tactics, and I guarantee you’ll start getting better accuracy and achieving that beautiful Tour Draw on command.

Any Questions?

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