Hybrid Golf Club: 3 Key Shots for Lower Scores

By Todd Kolb
September 21, 2023

Knowing How to Hit a Hybrid Golf Club is Great and All. But Knowing How to Conquer Your Toughest Lies With This Powerhouse Club… That’s Next Level.

As far as I’m concerned, every amateur golfer should learn how to hit a hybrid golf club.

Really, this knowledge is important for any golfer period, but casual golfers have the most to gain from this particular club.

Hybrids are easy to hit. They help you get the ball up in the air effortlessly, and they tend to be more forgiving than irons. They’re also incredibly versatile, capable of handling different types of shots both off the tee and down the fairway.

But most amateur golfers aren’t using their hybrid to its full potential. If you’re one of them, you’re missing a huge opportunity to shave strokes off your scorecard and even lower your handicap.

You’re about to learn how to make three key shots with your hybrid. These shots include:

  1. Hitting it out of a divot
  2. Handling it around the green
  3. Hitting it out the rough

If any of these lies make you wince, keep reading. These problem shots get a lot easier when you get a hybrid in your hands.

But first, let me address the question I know a lot of readers will have:

What If I Can’t Even Hit Good Hybrid Shots in the Best Conditions?

You might have a complicated relationship with your hybrid. A lot of golfers do. They’ve heard that this is the club for amateurs—the easiest club to hit and a great replacement for long irons.

But then when they finally get their hands on one, they still find themselves struggling with distance and contact.

In my experience, there are two common reasons for this.

First, you might be handling your hybrid the same way you’d handle an iron. If you’re not sure exactly how to hit this particular club, check out this article on mastering your hybrid.

Another reason casual golfers struggle with their hybrid is because this amateur-friendly club has become popular with professionals, too. That means major club designers are developing hybrids that perform best in the hands of a pro.

You’ll get better results with a club like the VLS Maxvert 1 Hybrid or the IRT-5 Hybrid, which was designed specifically for the casual golfer’s swing. That means it juices more distance out of slower swing speeds, forgives mishits, and naturally promotes a more vertical, body-friendly swing.

You can learn more about the Maxvert here. For now, let’s talk about how you can elevate your game with three new hybrid shots.

How to Hit a Hybrid Golf Club Out of a Divot

Every now and then, you hit a long, beautiful drive right down the center of the fairway only to find it resting in a divot. Not the end of the world, but also not ideal.

That said, once you learn how to hit a hybrid golf club out of a divot, this type of lie won’t even faze you. A higher lofted hybrid will help you get the ball up in the air, and the sole of a hybrid is designed to move effortlessly over the turf. 

(Side note: the Maxvert features a ground-hugging sole that’s great for tough lies but doesn’t have the extreme curvature of traditional hybrids. This makes the club easier to aim and a lot more accurate.)

For this shot, you’ll want to choose your highest lofted club. I use the Maxvert 22-degree.

Position the ball a little farther back in your stance. The ideal ball position for regular hybrid shots is right in line with the logo of your golf shirt. When you’re hitting out of a divot, you want the ball back a bit, between the logo and buttons.

Once you’re set up, take a shot. You should have no trouble getting the ball up in the air and farther down the fairway.

Hitting Your Hybrid Around the Green

Nothing stings like finding your ball in the fringe just at the edge of the green. So close and yet so far. Maybe the grass is high or growing against you… either way, you’ve got a tricky lie just when a clean, controlled shot is crucial.

Now, you might opt for a chipping club in this situation—maybe a pitching wedge or a sand wedge. But if you haven’t had the best luck with those clubs in the past, a hybrid might save the day.

Once again, the sole of a hybrid makes it easier to get through the taller grass. You’ll also want to grab your highest-lofted hybrid—just like last time—so you can get the ball to hop over the fringe and roll out on the green. 

So, how do you pull that off?

The secret is to approach this shot like a putt. By that I mean:

  1. Get a little closer to the ball.
  2. Use a putting grip.
  3. Position your eyes over the golf ball.
  4. Use the same even putting motion you’d use on the green.

Try it for yourself. I can almost guarantee you’ll find it’s much easier and more effective than what you’ve been doing.

Using a Hybrid to Get Out of the Rough

You get the idea by now. Hybrids are great for getting through long grass. You want to use your highest lofted club. By this point, you could probably write this section yourself…

…except that there are a couple additional tricks for getting out of the rough with your hybrid.

For one thing, you want to move the ball back slightly just like you’re hitting it out of a divot. To recap, that means you want to position the ball between the logo and buttons of your golf shirt.

Then, choke down on the handle just a little and grip it firmer. The tall grass is going to want to turn the clubhead, so you make sure you have enough control to keep it square.

From here, go ahead and make your swing. You should find that it’s fairly easy to pop it right out of the rough with this technique.

Quick Recap: How to Hit a Hybrid Golf Club

Now that you know all the whys and hows, here’s the short version for easy reference the next time you’re on the golf course.

Out of a divot:

  • Grab your highest lofted hybrid
  • Position the ball between the logo and buttons of your golf shirt

Around the green (treat it like a putt):

  • Get a little closer to the ball
  • Grip it like a putter
  • Position your eyes over the ball
  • Use a putting motion

Out of the rough:

  • Position the ball between the logo and buttons of your golf shirt
  • Choke down on the handle
  • Grip it firmer

Knowing how to hit a hybrid golf club is one thing. Knowing how to navigate a variety of shots with this Swiss Army club… that’s your key to lower scores, a lower handicap, and a lot more confidence on the course.

Any Questions? Comments?

Please don’t hesitate to join us in the comments with your questions, difference of opinion, or any tips of your own. We love hearing from you and will jump on any opportunity to talk golf!

If you want more clear-and-simple instruction like this or are interested in discovering more amateur-friendly products like the Maxvert Hybrid, check out vlsgolf.com. It’s the place to find solutions tailored to the casual golfer’s game.

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